Academy for Breastfeeding Medicine

Conference in Rotterdam, May 2018
The Venue

The SS Rotterdam is a hotel-ship in the harbor of Rotterdam. Formerly used as a ship of the Holland-America Line it now hosts events. In the beautiful La Fontaine Room with its special atmosphere all the lectures will take place. Enjoy your breaks at the promenade deck.

The Program

International Speakers will address important topics in breastfeeding medicine from Friday May 18th to Sunday May 20th. On Friday evening, you can join the speakers and other attendees in the harbor of Rotterdam for a cruise dinner

Oral Problems

In 2018 the Academy will organize a special symposium on Breastfeeding and Oral Issues, in cooperation with the Royal Dutch Association of Dentists and as part of the 7thABM European Meeting for physicians.


As a representative of the ABM Board, Julie Taylor, past president of the Academy for Breastfeeding Medicine will be our key note speaker in Rotterdam.

Academy of Breastfeeding Medicine: Supporting Mothers and Babies Worldwide

About ABM

The Academy of Breastfeeding Medicine

ABM is a worldwide organization of physicians dedicated to the promotion, protection and support of breastfeeding and human lactation. Our mission is to unite members of the various medical specialties with this common purpose. For the protocols, please visit the website of the Academy for Breastfeeding Medicine (

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ABM representatives

Contactpersons in Europe and Israel
Elien Rouw, MD, FABM
Elien Rouw, MD, FABM
Member of the board of directors of the Academy of Breastfeeding Medicine
Contact Elien to register for the 2018 conference in Rotterdam
Reet Raukas, MD, ABM
Reet Raukas, MD, ABM
Regional Network Coordinator Europe
Monica Pina, MD, ABM
Monica Pina, MD, ABM
Contact speakers
Michal Mansovsky, MD, ABM
Michal Mansovsky, MD, ABM

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