November 6, 2022

Livio Provenzi

Livio Provenzi received a Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology in 2008 and my Doctorate in Psychology in 2016 at the Catholic University, Milan. From 2008 to 2019 I carried out clinical and research activities at the 0-3 Center of the IRCCS E. Medea Scientific Institute in Bosisio Parini, Lecco (Italy). Since November 2019 I am a researcher at the IRCCS Fondazione Mondino, Pavia (Italy). Since February 2022 I am an Assistant Professor (RTDb) at the Department of the Nervous System and Behavior of the University of Pavia. In my research projects, I integrate the methodology of behavioural sciences, infant research, neuroendocrinology, epigenetics and neuroscience to understand how what happens between us – human relationships – helps to shape what happens inside us – the neurobiological connections that make us who we are. I am interested in studying the neuropsychobiological dimensions underlying the early human connections in conditions of typical and atypical development, such as preterm birth, sensory deficit, psychomotor retardation and environmental alterations. Specific attention to the first thousand days of life and to the role of early parent-child interaction further characterizes my line of research. I authored more than 100 papers published in international scientific journals. I am a member of the international research group Separation and Closeness Experiences in the Neonatal Environment (SCENE), Editor in Chief for Frontiers in Pediatric Psychology, and a member of the editorial board of Infant Behavior and Development and Plos One. I have published two books: “Developmental Human Behavioral Epigenetics” in 2020, together with Rosario Montirosso; “Psicobiologia dello Sviluppo” in 2021.