September 7, 2022

Pre-Conference Symposia

On Thursday 11th May, two pre-conference symposia will be organized. You can REGISTER separately for these symposia or combine with the full conference.

Medication and Breastfeeding

The objective of this symposium is to provide participants with an overview of issues involving medications and breastfeeding. Both doctors and other care providers, as well as parents providing their infants with human milk often have questions such as “Can I take drug x or y while breastfeeding? Will there be adverse effects for the child, or for milk production?” Doctors not specialized in breastfeeding medicine still often advise not breastfeeding when taking certain medications, or suggest pumping and discarding the milk, when the evidence actually suggests this is not necessary. Topics that will be addressed during this symposium range from the way medication, among which radiological substances anesthesia and antiepileptics and recreational drugs can be transferred in breast milk, to questions on the management of insufficient lactation. Finally, a panel discussion with all speakers, interacting with the audience, will address the question of how to advise parents on taking medications while breastfeeding. The workshop is intended for all professionals involved in breastfeeding medicine, particularly physicians.


Determining IYCF Indicators

The objective of this workshop is to get participants acquainted with the updated indicators on (IYCF). Participants and tutors will analyze the essential indicators and the data needed for numerators and denominators. They will also discuss if and how these data are currently gathered in European countries and what changes would be needed to make data collection systems consistent with the updated WHO indicators, as well as the feasibility of such changes. Finally, participants and tutors will discuss how to use the updated WHO indicators for monitoring and evaluation purposes, in order to improve IYCF policies, programmes and activities. The workshop is intended for coordinators and members of National Breastfeeding (or IYCF) Committees, but any other professional involved in monitoring and eval